ERC721x Fully Backward Compatible.

A smarter token for the future of crypto collectibles — an ERC721-compatible token that supports multiple fungible classes, Plasma Cash, and reduces gas cost by up to 1000x.

Batch Transfers

Transfer 1000 tokens for the gas price of one ERC721 transfer*. 100% Plasma Cash compatible.

Multiple Fungible Classes

Useful beyond gaming, e.g. creating a token that can represent preferred, common, or restricted shares of a company.

Fully Backward Compatible

100% compatible with existing ERC721-supported tools and services — Etherscan, Rarebits, Trust Wallet and many more...

*Enhanced features only on supported platforms and wallets that have upgraded to the full ERC721x feature set, such as the Loom Trading Post.

BSD 3 License

Built with Open Source

Built with Truffle

Our reference implementation integrates with Truffle and is built with fully open-sourced tools, so it’s super easy to dive right in.

ERC1178 Feature Set

Heavily inspired by the ERC 1178 standard from Stanford's Albert Chon, which is a multi-class fungible token standard. We added backwards compatibility and collectible support.

Production Ready

Live in production on the Loom Trading Post, the code is audited and immediately usable in production. Over 2 million assets already sent.

100% Free and Open Source

Quick Start

Get started in 5 seconds

Use it in a Truffle project

yarn add erc721x 
# for NPM, npm install erc721x

# In yourtoken.sol
import "erc721x/contracts/Core/ERC721X/ERC721XToken.sol";
import "erc721x/contracts/Libraries/ObjectsLib.sol";

Test the reference implementation

Test the reference implementation

git clone
yarn install

truffle test

Check out all the pre-defined modifier classes and see how they can help you. Learn more here